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Cosmetic Dentistry


Dr. Verdi & Associates offers the full range of cosmetic dentistry options to help patients get the most attractive smile possible while maximizing their oral health. A leader in the Los Angeles oral health community and a long-time faculty member at UCLA’s dental school, Dr. Sahar Verdi is known for her long track record of outstanding outcomes and for focusing at all times on patients’ welfare and comfort.


Services to Smile About


The following is a list of some of our more popular cosmetic offerings at Dr. Verdi & Associates:


  • Teeth Whitening — Everyone wants whiter teeth and a younger-looking smile but obtaining them safely requires hard-earned expertise. Dr. Verdi, a leader in multiple aspects of the oral health field, has spent years developing her unique approach to teeth whitening. Our patients benefit from the doctor’s innovative approach that reliably whitens teeth without harming precious enamel. Cosmetic dentists are easy to find but you have to come to our offices to benefit from Dr. Verdi’s state-of-the-art approach.


Teeth whitening at Dr. Verdi & Associates takes three forms:


  • In-Office Whitening: Patients who want the fastest and most dramatic results typically will choose a whitening procedure performed on-site. The process takes as little as half an hour and seldom takes longer than an hour. Not everyone is a candidate for this safe and dramatic procedure. The most common side-effect is some level of sensitivity following a visit which disappears with time.


  • Verdi’s Take-Home Tray Whitening System: These aren’t just any plastic trays but custom-made products based on impressions of the patient’s teeth. Trays need to be worn for several hours a day, though the hours of the day and length of time per day vary based on a patient’s treatment plan. Somewhat less costly and more gentle than the in-office approach, this is the choice of many patients who don’t mind waiting for a little for outstanding results.


  • The Dr. Verdi Combo: Sometimes the best choice between two good options is to use both of them! Dr. Verdi & Associates offers patients the best of both worlds by combining the in-office and take-home tray methods. The results are safe, very dramatic, and long-lasting but calibrated especially for the patient. It’s a method that has resulted in consistently flattering smiles that last for years.


  • Veneers – When teeth are damaged, severely discolored or patients just want a younger-looking smile, veneers act like a porcelain shield, covering teeth and presenting a more attractive look to the world. While the concept is simple, the best use of veneers requires a great deal of skill and thought. It’s about much more than simply covering up the tooth; it’s also about transforming one or more teeth so that they truly fit with the rest of a patient’s face and mouth in terms of both appearance and function.


Dr. Verdi takes a highly integrated approach, working closely with a highly skilled ceramist – essentially a type of sculptor and a very serious craftsperson – in consultation with patients. Before the veneer is applied, patients are provided with what dentists call a wax-up; a demonstration version of the veneer that allows patients to see what their outcome is likely to look at before the final veneer is applied. Once it’s all done, the results consistently delight patients in search of their personal best smile.


  • Laser Therapy for Gum Treatment — People who want to deal with visible excess gum tissues (aka “gummy smile”) or who want to lighten the appearance of gums darkened due to hyperpigmentation will be happy to hear that treating these has never been easier, safer, or more comfortable for patients. A less-invasive procedure than prior techniques, laser therapy offers greater comfort, faster recovery times, and a reduced need for local anesthetic.


  • Invisalign – These extremely popular clear aligners serve the same purpose as traditional braces but without conspicuous and cumbersome metal wires and brackets. Patients often prefer them for two reasons: First, they are nearly invisible; second, they can be easily removed before eating or brushing, making good oral hygiene much easier.

Dr. Verdi and her team get Invisalign patients started in three simple steps. First, there is an initial consultation at which the doctor takes measurements of the teeth and gums to begin the process; second, there is a meeting at which the doctor shows a demonstration video explaining how Invisalign is used and patients confirm their intent to use the aligners; third, the patient takes the Invisalign aligners home for regular use. Every patient is different but, in some cases, the straightening process can be finished in as little as six months.


  • Esthetic Smile Designs — Encompassing a variety of procedures, esthetic smile designs give patients the smile they want while ensuring that teeth look and function at their very best. In this process, all aspects of a patient’s smile are closely examined and improved. It’s an integrated process conducted by a design team that is led by an expert dentist working in tandem with a ceramist. It takes advantage of the latest modeling technology which takes the very specific shape, size, and hue of teeth into account as well as the patient’s facial structure. As Dr. Verdi says, “Harmonizing a smile requires perfect integration of function, oral health, and esthetics.”


Reach Out Today for a More Beautiful Smile


If you feel embarrassed by discolored, broken, or missing teeth – or if you just want to turn an ordinary smile into something really special – Dr. Verdi & Associates can help and there’s every reason to get started, including boosting your self-confidence. For more information on any of Dr. Verdi’s services, simply visit our contact page or call the number on your screen to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives.


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