Dr. Sahar Verdi, DDS


Sahar Verdi, D.D.S. is a noted provider of leading-edge dental care in Southern California. The founder and sole proprietor of Sahar Verdi D.D.S., she is a board-certified periodontist and a noted researcher and innovator. Patients and colleagues agree that she is an outstanding, caring clinician as well as a true leader in the science of oral health.

After receiving her Bachelor of Science from the University of California, Dr. Verdi began her dental career by attending New York University where she earned her graduate degree to become a Doctor of Dental Surgery, specializing in periodontology and implantology. She has also conducting cutting edge research on both periodontal diseases and dental implants. Dr. Verdi completed her residency at Jamaica Hospital’s Department of Cosmetic and Oral Surgery in Queens, New York before returning to Los Angeles to start her practice.

Today, Dr. Verdi has treated countless patients with needs ranging from routine prevention and simple procedures to full restorations of smiles that have been all but destroyed by disease or trauma, as well as strictly cosmetic treatments. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge, Dr. Verdi ensures that her patients get the best possible treatment for a healthy and beautiful smile with a comfort-oriented approach that employs the latest and best technology and the full range of best practices and techniques to ensure a smooth experience with a minimum of stress. Dr. Verdi and her team of outstanding oral healthcare professionals are committed to a caring and compassionate approach that always puts the needs of patients front and center.

When Dr. Verdi is not at her practice, she’s fulfilling her role as a clinical professor at the UCLA School of Dentistry where she teaches students about best practices and the latest advances in dentistry. Dr. Verdi fluently speaks both English and Farsi and enjoys reading, running, dancing, and painting.

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