Dental Implants

Dental implants are essential to replace any missing or extracted teeth. Visit our dental implants Thousand Oaks office for more information.

Single Implant

single dental implantreplaces any missing or extracted tooth. In order to qualify for a dental implant(s), your gum health and bone density must be in very good shape.

Multiple Implants

Multiple implants replace multiple missing or extracted teeth. The procedure for single and multiple are the same.

All-on-4 Implant

All-On-4 is a procedure which offers a full set of lower and upper teeth using four to six dental implants. The procedure is completed in one day and is common for patients missing the majority of their teeth.

Full Arch Implant

Full arch implants are advanced procedures that do not require bone grafting or a sinus lift augmentation.

Zirconia Implant

zirconia dental implant is traditionally made fromtitanium or ceramic. These implants look more natural and aesthetically pleasing. They possess the same strength as traditional implants and will not corrode over time.

Implant Care

If not cared for properly, dental implants can essentially pose a threat to one’s oral health through infection. Our team is here to assist individuals in reversing the negative effects of an infected implant.